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2Hr & 4Hr CCW Classes Available!

2Hr & 4Hr CCW Classes Available!

Residents & Non-Residents of Arizona – Get your AZ CCW Permit!
Valid in 35 States.

Both residents and Non-residents of Arizona can choose from our 2Hr – No Range Class ($79) or our 4Hr Range Class ($89) as part of the requirements necessary to receive their AZ CCW Permit, pursuant to ARS § 13-3112(E)(6)(b) and ARS § 13-3112(N)(1). This permit allows you to carry concealed in 35 states.


Arizona Defensive Firearms Training has been providing clients with the training necessary to safely use their handguns since 1992. Designed and instructed by former Law Enforcement Officers, our methods at ADFT are solid and our training is renowned. In order to get an Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, you must present a certificate of completion with your application showing that you have successfully completed and passed a CCW course from a qualified instructor. Our AZ CCW online course provides you with handgun safety, practical lessons in handling your gun, how to interface with law enforcement, Arizona firearms laws and more. Most importantly, our course can give you the peace of mind in knowing that you can protect yourself and your family.

The Arizona CCW Permit is recognized in up to 35 states!

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